Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Review of Return to Me

One of the simple pleasures my husband and I have enjoyed since our courtship, is a good romantic film. Often we discover an overlooked classic on DVD, and make it our new favorite. Return to Me is one of the best romantic comedies we have ever seen; one we need to see every once in a while for a laugh, a tear and to relive it's celebration of family life.
Carroll O'Connor stars in a wistful final performance of his life as a doting Irish grandfather of Grace (Minnie Driver) who has suffered from a heart ailment all her life. Together with their friends they run the coziest restaurant in Chicago, O'Malley's Italian Restaurant.
A year ago, Gracie had a heart transplant which gave her a whole new life, yet she still pines for someone to call her own.
One Friday night, Bob, a grieving widower walks into the restaurant and their lives are never the same.
This is Bonnie Hunt's directing debut; the film is funny with scenes of her boisterous family life with her husband, played by Jim Belushi, nostalgic with the sentimental songs of Dean Martin, and infused with a sense that God loves these people, and is watching over them. The Church is portrayed with respect and affection, and love is seen as more than romantic, it's life-giving.
Cuddle up on the sofa, with your loved ones (yes, bring the kids!) and enjoy Return to Me.
Mild language.


Catholic Fire said...

Great choice! I forgot all about this movie until I read your post.

Esther said...

Same here Jean. This is a sweet and romantic movie. Good choice Leticia.