Monday, February 19, 2007

Secularism is Not the Answer for War on Terror

Great article by Dinesh D'Souza, who truly understands the nature of the clash of cultures. "Islamic radicals like Bin Laden make their case against America and the West on the grounds that these cultures have abandoned Christianity. In his May 2006 letter to President Bush, Ahmadinejad faulted America not for being Christian, but for not being Christian enough. Many years earlier, the radical theoretician Sayyid Qutb made the same point. The main reason for the West’s moral decay, Qutb argued, is that in the modern era “religious convictions are no more than a matter of antiquarian interest.”

I have no argument here: when you consider the filth of American culture which is pumped out of our country via TV, Hollywood, and the Internet, and that this is all the radical Muslim sees of our culture, and how this offends his religious sensibility, what reaction do you expect? Would that Americans could see how offensive we are to traditional cultures which respect the modesty of women, fidelity in marriage, the sanctity of human life, and the glory of large families.

I attended a series of lectures given by the priest who married my husband and I. He's laicized and married now, and a liberal college professor touting the greatness of Islam. He was defending the tradition of the man walking ahead of the woman, saying that, in the desert where brigands abound, this tradition arose to protect the woman from ambush. The room was full of liberal Catholics and conservative Muslims. I saw an opportunity and stood up, and said,
"that is why traditional Catholics represented by the Vatican at the Cairo Conference, stood together with the Muslim countries against the UN's attempt to force abortion upon them.We have our traditional morality in common, which is potrayed by the left as oppression of women, but is truly apprecitation of the sacred role of motherhood, and protection against their exploitation as sexual objects."
I sat down to smiles from the Muslims who surrounded me to congratulate me, and a very uncomfortable speaker. Liberals who think they embrace Islam don't share the morality of home and family. If a radical Islamist government ever takes over this country, they would be the first to be lined up and beheaded.

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