Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breaking News: North Dakota Legislature passes Personhood Amendment

This legislation, if passed by the North Dakota Senate, will ensure that the unborn child is accorded the Constitutional right to life of all Americans, regardless of age. Abortion will become illegal forever in North Dakota, the first state of the Union to do so.
a breaking news press release from the American Life League
North Dakota Personhood Bill Passes State House 51-41
by Katie Walker (communications director of the American Life League)
Washington, D.C. (17 February 2009) –
The civil rights movement gained a significant victory today as the North Dakota House of Representatives voted Feb. 17 to recognize the personhood of all human beings.
Led by American Life League Associate group North Dakota Life League, the personhood movement celebrated the passage of The Personhood of Children Act (House Resolution 1572), introduced by State Rep. Dan Ruby, in a 51-41 vote.
"We are very excited about the personhood movement in North Dakota – which has the chance to become the first state to protect the rights of all its citizens from their biological beginning," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.
The Senate vote is expected in the next two to three weeks.
Fifteen other states are currently pursuing personhood legislation.

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