Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Blago did wrong was get caught

I might be wrong, but Gov Blagojevich's corruption just may be part and parcel of business as usual in the corrupt Chicago machine. How could a completely innocent person come from infamous Crook County? Except for the Chosen One, of course!
I look at it this way; Blogo was in on the game of musical chairs, taking quid pro quo without shame till somebody from the Chicago machine got elected to national office and suddenly, the music stopped, and everyone grabbed a chair. Except Blogo!
Maybe he knows where the bodies are buried and threatened to talk. . .

And, why hasn't Gov Patterson in New York been questioned at all about exchanging favors in his selection of Gillebrand for the Senate seat?
Methinkg something is rotten in Crook County.

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