Friday, January 16, 2009

No Freedom of Speech at Inauguration!

In order to attend this Inauguration, you must leave your First Amendment Rights at home.
Funny, I remember there being dozens of obnoxious young protesters led by adults at the Bush Inauguration in 2000. We had to push past them to see the parade.But the Chosen One will not have dissenters as he ascends the throne.
"Now the Christian Defense Coalition is filing a lawsuit in U. S. District Court on Friday, accusing the police department of infringing on First Amendment free speech rights. The pro-life activists are seeking a temporary restraining order against police.
"Is this the future of free speech and political dissent under President Obama?" Mahoney asked in his statement. "The streets in front of the White House should be open to all views, opinions and thoughts. It should not be a place of censorship and intimidation. I hope this was not the kind of change President Obama was talking about."

This makes me colder than the subzero temperatures outside my door.
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a red voice said...

This is the kind of "change" to our freedom of speech that I was afraid would happen under Obama.
- Obama booted reporters from the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News (all papers that endorsed John McCain).
- He fefused to interview with WFTV after interview with Joe Biden - shame on WFTV for asking real questions.
- He blamed Fox News for his number in the polls not being higher,
etc., etc.
This kind of change where he will not 'allow' dissent is scary indeed!

C.F. Mathews said...

The New World Order is one step closer to its goal of establishing martial law in the US, creating the North American Union and a global government where we are all microchipped. Bush did his part. Obama is doing his.