Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pornography is the silent killer

Take it from Ted Bundy, the sick serial killer whose execution interview with Dr James Dobson is being re-aired. Many have denied that what he said was true, that his crimes were inspired by his addiction to pornography. Few want to admit that the 9 BILLION dollar industry is dragging American Society down into the depths of hell. I heard the interview years ago, and never forgot his chilling warning. I never forgot how intelligent and reasonable he sounded when he discussed his unspeakable crimes and how pornography was responsible for twisting his talented mind into that of a monster.

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"Bundy permitted only Dr. Dobson to interview him in his final hours because, as Dobson noted, “Bundy wanted to talk about the role media violence and particularly violent, hard-core pornography had played in his years-long killing spree, and he knew the mainstream media wouldn’t report that story.”
Despite growing up in an almost idyllic Christian home, Bundy said that his moral values were subverted by the softcore pornography he discovered outside his home as a preteen. The addiction led him to view materials that were not only pornographic but also violent in nature. "The wedding of those two forces - as I know only too well - brings about behavior that is too terrible to describe," said Bundy."

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I watched that interview and it was chilling--