Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to pray for SSPX

Bishop Fellay the superior of SSPX asked for the excommunication of his society to be removed and for Sumorum Pontificum, or the allowing of the Tridentine Mass without requiring the bishop's approval. Now, in return, Pope Benedict is asking that Vatican II be accepted by the Society. This is a big sticking point. We need to pray. Read about it at Catholic News Service.

I am no fan of Vatican II but the more I learn about it, the more I realize how the disastrous implementation of the "Spirit of Vatican II" had NOTHING to do with the Council's intentions.

I was enlightened by Anne Roche Muggeridge's (daughter of British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge)book "The Desolate City" which explained the intentions of the Council was NOT to abolish the Latin Mass, just include more of the vernacular, but the liberals who had been waiting for a chance to destroy the Church seized the opportunity, and ran roughshod over poor ailing Pope Paul VI who declared, "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church". He did have the strength to write the prophetic "Humanae Vitae" but by then the inmates were in charge of the asylum and it was roundly rejected. No wonder that those who knew him in the Vatican called him, "Paolo Sesto, mesto" (Paul the Sixth, the sad).
You know, maybe this is the year of St Paul for a reason other than the 2,000th anniversary of his conversion to Christianity. Maybe Pope Paul is in there too.

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John Francis Borra, sfo said...


Now, INDEED, you understand. It wasn't Vatican II that was wrong, it was anti-catholic Catholics who twisted Vatican II to their own dark ends. Indeed, Paul VI was a great man, surely to be beatified. And now, after JP, JPII and now Benedict, Satan surely is feeling the first stings of "springtime."