Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reconciliation with Society of St. Pius X?

This is something readers know I have had in my prayer intentions. I have many good friends in the SSPX. Here we are in St Michael the Archangel Chapel in Farmingville, NY. We had a homeschool co-op with our friends at SSPX for three years.
Here's a great explanation from Jeff Mirus at Catholic Culture:

A web service from Trinity Communications. The news dominating the Church right now is Benedict XVI's lifting of the excommunication of the Traditionalist leaders of the Society of St. Pius X. The Holy Father made this significant gesture in the hope that full communion would soon follow. Here are the documents you need to understand what this does and does not mean:
Catholic World News:
Vatican decree lifts excommunication of SSPX bishops
The Decree Itself:
Congregation of Bishops Document Repealing Excommunications of SSPX
Response of SSPX:
Letter of the Superior General of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X
Pre-Analysis by Phil Lawler:
Bishop Williamson, making trouble again
Post-Analysis by Jeff Mirus:
Lifting of Excommunication: Mixed Feelings
Pope Benedict also stressed Christian unity during this past week, which is not insignificant since the SSPX has grave reservations about ecumenism. Future talks may clarify whether these reservations concern doctrine or only abuses. In any case, Benedict has made some important points in his talks On Seeking Christian Unity and Prayer for Unity and Reconciliation among Christians.Also of note is the Church's increasingly aggressive use of the Internet as a tool for evangelization.

Thus the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace has made a wealth of documents on Catholic social teaching available on a new web site: The Social Agenda. And the Holy See has even opened up a major channel on YouTube: The Vatican on YouTube.

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