Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tough times ahead in Congress

Did you really expect "hope" and "change" without a total shutdown of the democratic process? Wait till the Obama administration fixes it's eye on the media.
from Focus on the Family
As we expected, congressional Democrats are moving quickly to consolidate their power and silence opposition to president-elect Obama’s agenda.House Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats reinstated an archaic rule that greatly limits the ability of the minority party to amend pending legislation. One congressman said this move “severely limits the democratic process in the House.”Unprecedented time of challenges to faith and familyThis is just the latest sign that we are entering an era that we have not experienced in our lifetimes -- a season of unprecedented challenges to faith and family on so many fronts.
I addressed this rules change and other crucial issues facing our nation right now in the first installment of the Focus Action Update -- a new weekly video feature from our staff here at Focus on the Family Action.
Go here to access this special video report.

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