Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sandra Cano is with us in our KIDS endeavor

A note of support from Sandra Cano who was used as "Doe" in Doe v Bolton the Supreme Court case which accompanied Roe v Wade legalizing abortion. Sandra is completely pro-life and is dedicated to setting the record straight on the lies used in her case.

i just had to write and say how special you are.
My name is sandra cano and i was the Doe in Doe V Bolton.
A case based on lies deceite and fraud,only not on my part.This case went to the supreme court of america as companion case to Roe v Wade which Doe created abortion up to nine months based on health.I have been fighting many years to get the truth out and overturn this case of murder on the unborn.I do not beleive in abortion nor have i ever yet my name is linked to Doe for my lifetime.
My heart goes out to children and i have been blessed to have two special need grandsons that i have raised.My oldest i have had him since a week old.My daughter wanted to abort him and i said i want him.He will be eighteen years old this sunday.He has autisim and mental retardation.The other is twelve and mild autism.So many battles have i fought for the rights of these kids.
I am so happy that you and the other lady are making a stand especialy at the life rallys in Washington.Bless you.
All children have a right to life and the mentally challenged are gifts from God. I can not even think of life with out my grandsons. I would have had a empty life.They are the air i breath and every day is a new adventure but life in any form is special.

Thank you for your time.
sandra cano

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Monica said...

That's beautiful! You'll love Leticia, Sandra!