Thursday, January 29, 2009

NBC rejects prolife Superbowl ad

Brian Burch, president of the pro-life group, told he is upset that NBC officials rejected what he calls a uplifting and positive pro-life ad.
“There is nothing objectionable in this positive, life-affirming advertisement. We show a beautiful ultrasound, something NBC’s parent company GE has done for years," Burch said.
"We congratulate Barack Obama on becoming the first African-American President. And we simply ask people to imagine the potential of every human life," he told

I guess it's too controversial. You decide.
HT Life News

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a red voice said...

This is very sad that NBC rejected this ad. It proves to us, that NBC does have a political pro-choice agenda and they must feel something as harmless as this ad would cause too many people to think about unborn life in a new way.