Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pro-life Legacy of President Bush

Here's an excellent article from the National Catholic Register which sets the record straight on the pro-life accomplishments of George W. Bush.

“The most lasting and significant progress made under President Bush is represented by the two Supreme Court justices [John Roberts and Samuel Alito] that he nominated and the Senate confirmed,” said Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life.
“That was the motivation for so many voters who elected the president both times. And it has already paid off, as the Supreme Court upheld the ban on partial-birth abortion,” he said. “Other federal courts, too, have been given men and women who for decades will issue decisions consistent with the moral law, thanks to President Bush.
“Legislatively,” Father Pavone added, “it’s only in the years ahead that we’ll fully appreciate the significance of the progress that was made by the pro-life laws the president signed.”

Unfortunately, many won't realize how great he was until these horrific pro-abortion appointees of Barack Obama take office. His adminstration is looking more ominous by the day.
Let's greet our new president at the March for Life, Jan 22,2009.
We are here, we're loud and we're not going anywhere, Mr.Obama!

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