Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two innocents killed for every successful search and destroy mission

Is this the latest front on the war on terror. Maybe.
Sadly, however, it takes place down the block from you at your local obstetrician's office. In the insurance-paid, March of Dimes reasearched , ACOG-sanctioned search and destroy mission for unborn babies with Down syndrome, two 'innocent' babies (those with the proper number of chromosomes) are killed for every 'guilty' child who has one chromosome too many to be loved in our society. Read the article here.
This is considered a tragedy. Sure it is. Whenever a baby is killed in his mother's womb it is a tragedy. But the cruel irony is that few consider it a tragedy when this mission is successful, in one of three cases, and the right baby is murdered. The one who didn't deserve to live. That's why the Italian mother of twins aborted both her twins, because the first time the doctor killed the wrong child.
When does this insanity end?!
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