Monday, September 22, 2008

Down syndrome is being discussed everywhere

I get daily Google alerts about Down syndrome. Since Sarah Palin's candidacy, the numbers of news items about Down syndrome has grown around 500%. This is all good; we who are parents of these extraordinary children know that the more you know about our kids, the more comfortable you will feel with allowing them to live in society.
Zenit News Service quotes a Washington Post article about the high abortion rate when Down syndrome is diagnosed.
Pewsitter has an outstanding post on the Election and the Eugenics Issue.
Senator Sam Brownback, a Catholic convert, has been trying to capitalize on this trend by getting a unanimous vote on the Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act. Sen Bernie Sanders from Vermont was the lone dissenting vote.What part of saving the lives of unborn children through educating their parents does Sen Sanders object to?
Here is Senator Brownback's moving speech on the floor of the Senate.

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Marie Duchesne said...

This is the main reason I was excited to see Sarah Palin in politics. Just recently a co-worker of my husbands was informed that her twin sons both have Downs Syndrome. The quack high-risk Dr. (who I had to see only once--and refused ever since) informed the woman and her husband that her so wanted and loved twins would only live to be 18--if they were lucky. My DH spent a hour talking to her at work. She had NO IDEA that 90% of babies with DS are aborted and that Dr's withhold valuable information that parents need to help their children live wonderful lives. The couple have decided they love their boys no matter what--and will not murder them. We need this Bill so badly. If nothing else, I am glad Gov. Palin has "forced" our society to talk about the horrible plight of children pre-natally diagnosed with disabilities.