Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fr Jonathan Morris' opinion of Sarah Palin's motherhood

Many good Catholic mothers have been disagreeing on this one. Let's listen to Fr. Jonathan on what kind of mothering Sarah Palin has time to do.
I do not know if Gov. Sarah Palin will make a good Vice-President. I do know she is being an exceptional mom, also in moments of crisis. Some have said, in many, many ways, “Big deal!”
But most of these are men.
I ask if any of us guys could be a mom of five, with a handicapped child, achieve an 83% approval rating as state governor, and smile all the way through a prime time speech, after the week this woman has just had.
Good point, Father. It takes a mom to multi-task like that!
Read his entire article at Fox News blog.


catholicandgop said...

Leticia did you see this? I think its so neat. :)

PASCENDI said...

The real question is not 'can any of us guys do it'? The question we should be asking ourselves is 'is this the iconography which will be helpful in reversing the trend of the "culture of the latchkey kid"? I think it's GREAT if someone can afford a Nanny and do what Gov. Palin has done... but after watching her closely and listening to the talk she gave last weekend at her own church... I realize that she is just another neocon. She may be a pro-life neocon... but she is in the end just another "spend and spend" socialist.

She will unwittingly move the goalposts to the left just like mainstream Republicans envision... and just like they have been doing for years.

While other fence sitters may have moved toward McCain on this pick... I am now SURE I'm voting a write in for Ron Paul... and so is he rest of my family.