Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Petition to You Tube to pull host desecration videos

from America Needs Fatima
So far, over 5,000 people have sent a petition to YouTube asking them to pull 40 Host Desecration videos from their site.If you've already sent yours -- THANK YOU!
May God reward you.
If not, there still time to do it.GO HERE to send stop Host Desecration e-petition to YouTube.And please pass on this important petition to your fiends and family.
In case you got an error message after clicking the send button, don't worry. It was sent for you. We logged the errors and individually resent those messages to YouTube.

To make this petition effective, I need to mobilize more Catholics. So please send your best gift to help me spread this petition over the Internet today. If thousands more Catholics speak up, I think YouTube will pull the 40 Host desecration videos.
GO HERE to send stop Host Desecration e-petition to YouTube.
God bless you!
Robert E. RitchieExecutive Director
P.S. – Please go here to send your petition to YouTube. Thank you!

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