Thursday, September 25, 2008

Send one of these to your Congressmen this election season!

By clicking here and filling out the online form, you automatically generate this letter to your Congressman, even if you don't know his name.
Do it for Trig Palin.

Representative Timothy H. Bishop
I write to you today to urge your support for the House version of S.1810, the Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act.It was recently passed in the Senate and now will go to the House.This bipartisan bill was sponsored in the Senate by Senators Brownback and Kennedy would provide parents the resources they need to make informed decisions about their children.Certainly it is a shock when an unborn child is given a difficult diagnosis. That's why this bill is so important.
Parents need support and education at this time more than ever.I'm sure you can agree that people with disabilities live full and fruitful lives. But they need to be given a chance at life first. Ninety percent of unborn children with the diagnosis of Down Syndrome are aborted. The statistics are similar for other prenatally diagnosed conditions.
Please lend your support and vote in favor of this bill. You'll be helping parents in a time when they need it most.Thank you for your consideration. I would appreciate a reply to my letter.
Susan B. Anthony List Activist
Leticia Velasquez

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