Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama's Abysmal Pay Grade

a guest post by political cartoonist John Francis Borra
Barack Obama never lets us forget he's a "person of faith." At the same time, he refuses to accept the scientific fact that life begins at conception. Just like Joe Biden, he wants voters to believe that the point at which life begins is a matter of faith. Why? Because for the moral relativist, faith is synonymous with truth-- and truth is whatever you make it. This stratagem is the origin of Obama's bombastic and falsely humble response to Rick Warren's question concerning the beginning of life and human rights. It's also an indication of how little regard Obama has for whatever he calls "faith."

Needless to say, Obama's pay grade comment was no more than an effort to obscure the untenability of his position. But ask one of today's Catholic school kids when life begins and you'll get a clear, concise and truthful answer. If Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge irrefutable facts that even children do, what's he doing in a position of responsibility? And if he has so utterly little regard for his neighbors, how well suited can he possibly be to make decisions regarding their welfare?

While Sarah Palin has never been to Washington, she has something Obama and Biden both lack-- respect for human life. If this is not a quality that trumps all others when choosing our chief executives, it should be.
John Francis Borra
used with permission

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