Thursday, September 25, 2008

Subtitled: Eduardo Verastegui's Dura Realidad (Hard Truth)

Eduardo is showing the same video I have posted a link to under "Time to Take the Gloves Off". I pray he reaches the Spanish speaking community who is supporting Obama. This is very important; most Latinos are pro-life and have limited media access; largely the Spanish channels which are pro-abortion and pro-Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Where can I find the 10 minute, unedited version? It was on YouTube yesterday morningt, and by yesterday afternoon YouTube (what are they? Cowards? or Abortion enthusiasts?) had taken it down.

Verastegui, with all his contacts in the entertainment industry, must know someone who can host5 the full-lenth version on the net!

Please, if anyone knows where to find it, please let me know.