Monday, September 01, 2008

Why Sarah Palin's crisis proves her pro-life stance is genuine

The liberal spin machine, which just tried to sell a terrible false rumor about Sarah Palin's daughter, including on my blog Cause of Our Joy (see the comments) is now giddy with glee that she has a real life challenge. Her daughter Bristol, age 17 is pregnant outside of marriage. But we Catholics have a surprise for them. It's called forgiveness.
We admire Sarah's guidance as a mother to her daughter in crisis, to choose life for her unborn child. Character has been defined as what you do when no one sees, but I would like to add that character is what you do when everyone is looking. Sarah Palin has proven twice in the past five months just how deep her pro-life convictions are. She is truly pro-life, and just the kind of leader this country needs to help us out of the moral morass we are in.
Deacon Keith Fournier says it very well:
In fact, the Palin's have only confirmed me in my conviction that the Governor of Alaska is a great asset to John McCain and just the kind of leader which we need to stand at the side of the next President of the United States.Bristol Palin acknowledges that she is five months pregnant and unmarried. She and the father of this child have properly exercised their freedom of choice. They have done so morally. They have chosen life. They have also decided not to offer this gift of life for adoption. That is also a moral choice. Bristol will give birth to this child, not abort him or her. She and the father of the baby will marry in the future.
Today the internet was abuzz with discussion of what is “proper” and allegations that this news somehow undermines the claim that Todd and Sarah truly hold “family values”. How despicable! We should all praise Bristol and the father of this child for not opting to kill the baby through abortion. We should applaud and pray for the grandparents who have decided they will help the new family. The scurrilous and judgmental comments and concerns over whether this news undercuts Senator McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin are revealing.
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TD Monk said...

Sadly how fast some people forget their basic principles.
here is the daughter of somebody who claims to be a moral leader of the highest order
and she commits the ultimate sin, and suddenly teenage fornification is
an admirable and desireable activity.
How about some straigt talk, she is clearly a slut,
and her parents have failed in the most basic task,
to insure their childrens purity.
Stop the execuses.

Anonymous said...

Palin's personal life is no different than the majority of Americans, the difference is she lives her prolife values. The youth all over the world need a role model in choosing life, may Gov Palin be that role model we so desperately need. May America be first in the world who proudly protects even the innocent unborn, showing value to every human being, and finally having God as our protector.
To the commentor stating it is a sin to have pre-marital sex, yes you are right, but man is man , man is weak, and to choose life at this point is the right way to go. The youth in America need to learn responsibility again, and with responsibility comes maturity.

M.B. Dubya, Esq. said...

The way I see it, Bristol has chosen to take responsibility for her actions instead of taking the easy way out by aborting the baby. Nobody lives a perfect life. Everybody gets knocked down. It's not about how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up.

Is being pregnant and unmarried at 17 the perfect situation? Nope. Is the family handling the situation in an honorable manner? You betcha.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on whose child is pregnant. Apparently if you are poor or of a different color when you get pregnant out of wedlock it is a social crisis and the girls lack basic morals or shame. If you are the daughter of a gun-toting Republican social conservative running for VP, it is a plus, socially and politically. I smell the stink of social hypocrisy! VP Mother Palin can be a role model for other pregnant teens? To have this pregnancy be praised like some feat of greatness has been done will bring about a deeper Social Morass than we have now. The Social Morass we are in is partly because there is no longer shame involved with doing the wrong thing. Now this is being flaunted as some great event. Those kids had unprotected sex and the result is a ill-timed pregnancy. That is the fact. Look for more mixed messages to our young girls if she becomes a heroine.
I think the girl was crying out for attention from the mother, who was talking the talk but not in her own family. The pregnant girl should be home, not in the public eye like a trophy to be waved for political means. The mother should be home, taking care of all those kids, and the new baby coming along, not in Washington, in our face.

Anonymous said...

Having seen Gov Palin's speech tonight, if I were her daughter, I'd be so proud of my Mom.
Thank You Jesus for answering our prayers.
God has Blessed America!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that people keep praising the Palins for CHOOSING to have the child and not an abortion, both for the Down's Syndrome child and the daughter's child. That seems to suggest that they did indeed have a CHOICE(?WHAT?). I thought the whole idea of her view is there IS NOT A CHOICE. Even in the case of rape or incest, there should be no choice, according to Ms Palin. So the pregnancies are not heroic by any means, and should not be treated as such. This is the same woman who line-item vetoed funding for shelter for poor pregnant women in her home state of Alaska. Those women made the right choice, and are trying to raise their babies. Are they less important to the agenda? God loves all the babies, not just certain ones.