Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity under attack in India

Militant Muslims aren't the only threat to peace. Violent Hindus have been torturing and murdering Catholic clergy, and plan to commit more violence against them, accusing the Missionaries of Charity of kidnapping and converting infants.
Mother Teresa's orphanages are famous for taking unwanted children, unusually girls from families where they face almost certain death, thanks to the banned but common dowry customs. It takes 15 years for an Indian family to save up the $15,000 marriage dowry for a girl, so subsequent girls are normally aborted or killed at birth. Mother Teresa began orphanages to halt this practice decades ago, but her merciful work is now under threat from militant Hindus, who seem to have the Indian police on their side.
Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us!
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