Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The ladies leave the left

According to Concerned Women for America, there will be BIG changes in the way women vote. I think that women are sensing that Obama, who promised he would take care of us, is failing miserably, and in fact plotting to remove our supports, like the mortgage and child tax credit. Not to mention our health care.
So women are moving to the right. Finally realizing who is pro-family after all.

By Penny Nance, Chief Executive Officer
Concerned Women for America

On November 2, we could witness a tectonic shift in the
voting patters of American women -- a shift that could
reshape the political landscape for the rest of this decade.

But everything still depends on what happens in these
final days leading up to Election Day.

Here's the evidence...

According to a Pew Research poll, female likely voters are
now more likely to vote for a Republican than a Democrat --
49 to 43 percent. Why is this significant?

Because this is a huge shift from just two years ago when
female voters preferred Barack Obama by 13 points -- 56 to
43 percent. In addition, one has to go back more than two
decades (1988) to find the last national election cycle
in which female voters favored Republicans over Democrats.
And the "gender gap" has typically been 10 points or more.

A double-digit swing in the so-called "gender gap" in just
two years -- and a historic move that hasn't been seen in
22 years -- is a political tectonic shift.

But in the face of this shift, liberal feminists are on the
attack. They are demeaning conservative women leaders in
an effort to paint you and me as untrustworthy radicals.

Their goal? Stereotype conservative women as a threat and
sway votes away from conservative candidates!

The most vicious attach on conservatives is the horrible documentary "The Assassination of Dr George Tiller" a liberal attempt by Rachel Maddow to smear all pro-lifers with Tillers blood. His murder was the act of a disturbed man, Scott Roeder, who acted alone. But thanks to creative editing and failure to tell the facts, and staged photos, Maddow lionizes the man who was known for performing  horrendous abortions on babies who could live on their own. and the deaths of women like the 19 with Down syndrome, Christin Gilbert.(see photo at right) Her mother took her to Tiller's mill for a late term abortion and she died a horrible death of sepsis. Tiller's staff convinced her mother NOT to take her to the hospital till it was too late. After all, Tiller killed many a baby with Down syndrome, why should he care if a young woman like Christin died? Such is the mentality of the man who was canonized in this propaganda piece.

Not only does Maddow want to scare Democrats and moderates away from conservatives, but she is setting up a  lawsuit against all pro-lifers by alleging that those who prayed outside the mill, by their very activism, were encouraging Roeder to kill Tiller. She is even trying to bring down Bill O'Reilly who did several shows on Tiller. Way to improve your show's ratings, Maddow!
Liberals don't have the truth on their side, so they resort to smear tactics and since so much of the media is still on their side, the lies are repeated over and over till they are accepted as truth.
 Not as long as we have the internet, Maddow, we won't let your lies stand.
Women are educating themselves and not allowing feminazis like you to tell us what we think!
Read Jill Stanek's post on this propaganda piece.
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