Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carl Palladino is right

He speaks the truth and supports Catholic teaching that homosexuality is an aberrant lifestyle. It is not best for the raising of children. And children should NOT be exposed to the nudity and sexual behavior which is on display at gay pride parades. Straight people don't typically act that way in public, or they'd be just as wrong.
And Bill O'Reilly is a pinhead. He said that Palladino isn't in sync with the American people. It's true that thanks to jamming of information in the media and the public schools, many Americans are getting sucked in by false compassion, I have a feeling that the majority are still turned off by gay marriage. And agree with Palladino no matter what they tell pollsters.We're fed up with the gay agenda being shoved down our throats.

Well know if he wins in November.
Read the entire article at Mercatornet.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on, Leticia! Isn't it amazing to see a NY politician with the guts to speak the truth and uphold Catholic teaching?

I'm going to get a Paladino bumper sticker and yard sign as soon as I can and he's got 5 votes from our household in November!

(It's great when your kids are old enough to vote!)

For Pete's Aiche said...

Thank God for Carl Palladino, and anyone with candid fortitude, who speaks the truth with love. Objections from those indoctrinated in 'moral-relativism', aren't surprising. Traditional morality is always relevant, based on most Judeo-Christian teaching, in as much as people are willing to stand up for the truth.

Anonymous said...

What an utterly hateful and ignorant blog post, Mrs. Velasquez. You should be ashamed of yourself. You think all gay people act in the way that some gays act at gay pride parades? Do you bear your breasts and engage in public sex at Mardi Gras parades? Some straights do so, so does that mean you do? I do not think you do. Please stop overgeneralizing and start respecting other people for who they are. Gayness is innate, it is inborn and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Gay people have children, raise families, and contribute to society in very important ways -- ways that are much more productive and important than posting hate-filled rants on the Internet. You might wonder what effects your post will have on gay children. Or perhaps you don't care and prefer that gay young men and women kill themselves. I would think that as someone who touts her holier-than-thou beliefs, you would be much more tolerant and understanding of diversity and innocence. It is never too late to do so. I wish you well.

Leticia said...

I love gay people as I love all people and want them to go to heaven after this life. The Author of Life has made us in His image, and if we do not live by the rules He has set, we cannot enter eternal bliss.
I know you will not agree with me now, but be assured of my prayers for you that homosexuals will be cured and saved.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

The sin against purity that offends God is an equal-opportunity sin. Premarital sex is an affront to God, not because it annoys Him, or because it is a technical violation, but because it violates the sacred trust of the purpose of marriage, which is designed and intended to be a safe haven, a virtual human sanctuary of love and safety for family members and children to thrive and grow, for the glory of God. It all points back to Him, not ourselves.

We are not families because its "fun". (More than often it isn't.) We are families because we are modeled after the original First Family, (Not the Washingtons) -The Holy Family., the structural component of a functional, civilized and moral society. Adam and Eve were made in the likeness of this Holy Family, and by violating the covenant, Eve lost one of her sons.
Disobedience to God's loving and explicit will never, ever ends well, without reparation and conversion.

We are not in this dialogue of gay vs. straight to win an argument, and we should not judge, be we must instruct. There is a difference.

Anonymous said...

Leticia's sentence about the gay parade started with "And." As in, and another thing: kids should not be exposed to the stuff that goes on in gay parades. Not as in, all gays commit the stuff that some gays commit at gay parades. Let's take her literally and not accuse her of hateful rants against gays. Talk about generalizations: the word hate is overused and does not apply to everyone who disagrees with the gay agenda. Indeed, to very few.

Leticia said...

No hatred of gays, just a sadness when I see their offenses against purity, and see how far they have drifted from God. I feel the same pain when I see straight couples living in sin, immodesty, filthy language and videos, etc.
How these things offend Our Sweet Lord!