Monday, October 18, 2010

St Andre Bessette once lived near me

St Andre Bessette had a difficult youth. Orphaned at 12, he had a large family to help raise, and this sent him from Canada to Northeastern CT where I make my home. He worked in several factories in CT, RI and MA in the 1860's and when he returned to Canada to join the Holy Cross Fathers, his returned several times to visit relatives in this area.
 I ask his intercession for the faith of his ancestors in this area, where churches and Catholic schools are closing. St Andre Bessette, please pray for us, our weakened faith has allowed the proud Catholic heritage of this area to wane, ask St Joseph to stir up the Holy Spirit in us, that we can renew the faith in our children and bring back the Catholicism you once lived so beautifully. Heal us in body, mind and spirit, so that we may be proud of our spiritual inheritance.
St Andre worked in Moosup, CT, near Wauregan, where the Ave Maria Home has been offered a rectory to use to house a dozen pregnant homeless women. St Andre, please help us obtain Bishop's permission to use Sacred Heart Rectory to help these women. You who had so much compassion for the humble poor, help us to help these women with this home where they may find peace and love.

Read the entire article in Four County Catholic.

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