Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR fired Juan Williams unfairly

Juan Williams was a reliable, though measured voice of liberalism on Fox News. He engaged in many debates, and presented the liberal point of view without losing his cool or stooping to name calling. He was, in the truest sense, a true liberal whose credo is: "I may not agree with your position, but I will defend with my life, your right to state it".
His recent comment about being nervous when Muslims dressed in traditional garb board airliners, resonates with most Americans. I can remember agonizing over whether I should notify a flight attendant, when, on a cross-country flight, a Muslim man reading the Koran, kept looking suspiciously over his shoulder, and then spent an extraordinarily long time in the bathroom. If the passengers on flights where Muslim men like the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber hadn't alerted them, they may have been killed. Its only common sense after 9/11, and makes us cautious not racist. I had a student reluctant to  enter my ESL class at a community collegeon 9/12 because she was wearing a Hijab, and I smiled and waved her in. I was aware that these two are different situations and called for different reactions. Using his comment to fire Williams was just a ruse.

The real reason Williams was fired is that George Soros' owns a new radio network, NPR.
His huge $1.8 million donation apparently came with strings attached; fire Williams to punish him for appearing on Fox News.
Well, now Williams has found a new job at Fox News, the ONLY network which is interested in presenting both sides of an issue.
Do NOT donate to NPR in their fund drive, or offer to donate IF Williams is reinstated. Of course, if you're not donating $1.9 million, you're not likely to have an impact. They do, after all have our tax dollars to keep them going.
Sheila Liaugminas on MercatorNet agrees;
Now he’s being accused of bigotry? That’s preposterous and offensive to the sensibilities of Americans who have already tolerated enough verbal engineering and political posturing in our media. Williams is one of the many regular Fox News contributors who presents a consistently liberal counterbalance to the conservative analysts there, which allows the network to claim the ‘Fair and Balanced’ motto.
Read Sheila's blog at MercatorNet.
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