Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Catholics should not vote for Congressman Joe Courtney (D, CT)

I'm new to Connecticut, but my Congressman knows me. I first met Joe Courtney when I was fuming about the union thugs lined up at the door of his one and only Town Hall meeting in August of 2009. The union members were lined up with signs in front of Montville HS, shouting and waving pro-Obamacare signs. They were loaded for bear. I was muttering about their being on the clock, when I turned and saw Joe Courtney behind me.
The union members were obviously on his side, for they were the ones who guarded the door to the auditorium where the meeting was conducted, and decided who entered.
Those of us with pro-life signs were left waiting in the vestibule. When, after an hour, I was finally admitted without my sign, I was greeted by a debacle. Two loud-mouthed union bosses in the back of the auditorium shouted down any attempt at honest questioning, and no attempt was made to stop them.
I left that meeting with a very bad taste in my mouth about Joe Courtney's partisanship. Not a month later, I was in Washington DC to participate in the Healthcare for Gunner Press Conference on Capitol Hill, and ran into Cong Courtney crossing the street to do a press conference on education. I had a group of parents of disabled children who had been lobbying Senator Lieberman about Obamacare with me, and asked him about his vote on the plan. When he asserted that he would be voting for Obamacare, I promised him I would support his opponent in the next election.
Here's what Juan O'Callaghan has to say about Courtney and Obamacare,
In regard to one of the real critical issues of the current times, Courtney whole-heartedly championed Obamacare, a disastrously flawed law that will decimate seniors in the decades ahead, in terms of cost escalation and care reduction:  A law that will also undoubtedly be manipulated to allow federal funding of abortions in due course, expanding the number of annual abortions by up to 30% (Guttmacher’s related analysis) and which could reinstate the banned late-term Partial Birth Abortion procedure.
Here is an excellent post by Juan O'Callaghan's CCCF blog on the true nature of Joe Courtney, a Catholic whose voting record is closely aligned with that of fellow Catholic, Nancy Pelosi.. Although Janet Peckinpaugh, is not pro-life, it's time to vote Courtney out.

Read the entire post here. 

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PattyinCT said...

Great to know Leticia! Who is his opponent? He is so scummy! Mike went to that town hall as well (it was in our backyard practically) and was so disgusted by the "process". Totally uncivilized, and I can't wait for these dems to come home and get a real job, as they are lousy in their current positions.
Yes, I would like fries with that.

PattyinCT said...

Sorry! I should read the last paragraph too, before asking dumb q's! Hahahah!

juan O'Callahan said...

Thank you Leticia for posting so many of my comments. God Bless (and we will continue the fight in the nest two years). Juan O'Callahan