Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ironside says "I'd put a pillow over its head, as any good mother would"

Now you can see the natural outgrowth of four decades of eugenic abortion on demand. If you can abort a baby with Down syndrome at 35 weeks, or smother him at 40, after birth, is there any reason for the apparent horror at Ms Ironside's remarks? No one was stunned when she called the abortion of a disabled child an act of kindness.
"Virginia Ironside, an advice columnist in England (where they are also dubbed “agony aunts”) as well as a mother and grandmother, appeared on the show and shared her view that “a loving mother” would in fact abort a baby if she believed the child would be born with severe disabilities. In fact, Ironside went as far as to label the act of abortion in such a case as “a moral and unselfish act.”
Yet look at the reaction from the Anglican minister and the show host when she mentions infanticide. Pure hypocrisy.It's a good thing this has stirred up controversy, maybe people will realize you can't advocate eugenic abortion and then be horrified when Peter Singer or Virginia Ironside take it to the next step.
This remark launched a firestorm in British society.

Read here.and on Life Site News. 
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