Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Christie for president

The GOP has a lot to learn, but will they listen?
Governor Chris Christie was allegedly too conservative, too Catholic, and too overweight to win election in New Jersey. Yet he won. And he hasn't looked back, doing what he promised to do, slashing the expenditures which put New Jersey in the same financial hole that all the blue states are in.
 My favorite cut is to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in the world.
Just why were we funding them anyway? Their profit margin is the same size as the government subsidy, from our tax dollars. This month, as I participate in 40 Days for Life, I have seen more than one woman dragged into Planned Parenthood for an abortion against her will. Funny, they got abortions, wasn't Planned Parenthood supposed to offer them choice?
Run Chris run!
Read the entire article on the Drudge Report. 

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NJConservative said...

Obviously, you are not from New Jersey. Spending in Trenton is actually up 6% and so are taxes. Christie didn't cut government. He cut PROSPERTY TAX RELIEF.

PattyinCT said...

That's so tragic about the forced abortions. People don't understand what's at the root of PP - and that you're witnessing to it when you're praying in front of the abortion mills.

Amen on Christie! I love him and Mike Pence. They'd be a great duo!

Leticia said...

NJ I was glad he cut money to an abortion business, is that prosperity tax relief?