Monday, October 11, 2010


Sunday's Gospel was about the 10 lepers Jesus cured and the fact that only one returned to thank Him.
Fr Tito's homily reminded us, that without gratitude, we can fall prey to bitterness, as we expect too much from the world. The world is good, but all it owes us is an opportunity to gain heaven. When you get more joy and abundance than trouble and trials, be grateful.

So when my beautiful kitchen window is full to overflowing with my tomato harvest, and I find myself having to can for the first time in decades, I am grateful. Last year, my tomatoes died of neglect, as I ran to Long Island to be with my mother who was wasting away from cancer. This year, I had my in-laws, farmers from El Salvador, to help tend the garden. I showed them how to can tomatoes and make savory homemade Italian spaghetti sauce. We invited over 10 of our friends, and had a party. We sent frozen sauce to Fr Tito, and my father. We were grateful.

. After our meal, we attended an inspiring presentation given at his youth group by Susan Conroy about her life helping Blessed Mother Teresa in the slums of Calcutta. Susan Conroy says she gives thanks each night she sleeps on a soft pillow with clean sheets, after she watched thousands sleep on the filthy sidewalks of Calcutta. She spoke fondly of watching a poor man die like an angel, and how Mother Teresa told her of the many graces which flowed into her from this experience. She is grateful.

 Fr Tito invites the best Catholic speakers available for his group, which has grown to 60 members. Last month we were able to see Fr Donald Calloway give his amazing testimony. Thanks be to God for a holy pastor who helps us grow spiritually.
We are grateful for you, Fr Tito.

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PattyinCT said...

Amen! And thank you for the post:)