Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who should a pro-life Catholic person vote for in CT this November?

 Some advice from CCCF (Concerned Catholics for Connecticutblog comments;
You should not vote for ANY of the incumbent candidates running for Congressional or Senate seats. In regard to the Senate race, Attorney General Blumenthal is one hundred percent pro-choice or, to put it more directly, pro abortion. His opponent is Linda McMahon, who has had some vicious attacks leveled at her about her business. Nevertheless, she is against Late Term Abortion, and is against federal funding of abortion. To this extent she is far preferable to Blumenthal, and you should vote for her.

In regard to the five incumbent Congressional U.S. Representaives from Connecticut, all five are 100 percent pro choice: They are even pro late-term abortion to the extent that the incumbents at the time of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban vote, those incumbents Rosa DeLauro of the 3rd District (New Haven) and John Larson of the 1st District (Hartford) – even though Catholics – voted against the PBA Ban several times! No Catholic should vote for Larson or DeLauro.
The other three, J. Courtney from the 2nd District (another self proclaimed Catholic) is categorically pro-choice…Catholics in his District should vote for his opponent Janet Peckinpaugh. In the 5th District, the incumbent Chris Murphy is Democrat and pro-choice: His opponent is Sam Caliguiri, Republican, and unashamedly Pro-Life…he should be supported in the strongest possible way. In the 4th District, the incumbent Jim Hines once again is pro-choice (pro abortion): His opponent is Dan Debicella and should be voted for.
The basic theme for pro-life advocates in Connecticut should be to vote out all incumbents, because the incumbents have given Connecticut the dubious status of being one of THE most pro-abortion states in the nation. There are several articles in this blog that cover the appalling situation in Connecticut vis-a-vis Life. For courage, read Archbishop Chaput’s speech/article on the “The Catholic Political Vocation”.

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