Monday, March 10, 2008

We were praying this Novena while the Gov. Spitzer scandal hit

This was posted on my online Catholic homeschool network an hour before the scandal broke.
A coincidence?
Looks like Spitzer's confession was a good first step towards his conversion.
Let's continue to pray that the horrible Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act RHAPP is defeated as a result. God works in mysterious ways!
View the video of Elliot Spitzer's confession here.

Someone suggested recently that we (especially New Yorkers) should pray, beginning today ( or whenever you read this) the very powerful novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague (usually a 9 HOUR emergency novena, but we're praying it over 9 DAYS instead) for the conversion of NYS Governor Spitzer and the defeat of his most dangerous abortion bill.

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