Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ben Stein's dangerous new movie "Expelled"

Is about scientists who are being marginalized for expressing doubt about Darwin doctrine that we came from "mud hit by lightning". Visit the website here.
Check out the trailer here.


Anonymous said...

I think the ideas in the February Discover magazine are more likely than "mud hit by lightning". But "abiogenesis" is a red-herring. Evolution is about change over long periods of time by successfully reproducing lifeforms. The Theory of Evolution is so well-supported by the evidence after 150+ years that it is a "scientific fact".

Jay Rogers said...

I saw the movie in an advance screening and I thought the movie was hysterically funny, sad, powerful -- the gamut of emotions ran through me. It will make people amused, angry, sad, hopeful, fearful.

See my review for more details:


Mark my words. It's going to open big, get bigger, and then it's going to stir up more controversy than ever before -- and then it's going to get bigger and have a longer run due to the controversy. All during this, the media will be saying it is tanking.

Of course. They have to. There is no other alternative except to admit the impending failure of the liberal worldview.

EXPELLED is entertaining. It's hilarious, but it's not meant to amuse.

The Greek word MUSE means to think or ponder something. A-MUSE-ment is the lack of thoughtful consideration.

In fact, most of the best humor is unintentional and deeply ironic.

This is an experience movie. People flocked to see The Passion of the Christ -- one of the least entertaining movies you will ever want to see. A low budget film that made a billion.

EXPELLED is in the same vein. It begins in an upbeat light manner and slwoly descends into serious blackness. You can dismiss it, but it's another one of these low-budget masterpieces whose producers have chosen to spend their few millions on advertising. And it's going to get a big boost from word-of-mouth and grassroots efforts (like your blog).

I have to laugh when I read critics saying that Michael Moore's style of jump-edited out-of-context mockumentary is better than EXPELLED.

It is a masterpiece compared to anything More has done. I know he is the patron saint of the radical left, but take out his political views and an ape with a camera could put together a better production. (No pun intended.)

I am a Christian who can't stand some Christian movies becasue they have been historically schlocky, but this wasn't a "Christian" movie (Stein is a Jew) and it had high production quality.

With the availability of high tech media production at a lower cost than ever before, we are seeing conservatives and Christians in particular turn the corner with high grossing efforts that are at once entertaining, informative, uplifting and provocative.

Anonymous said...

"the impending failure of the liberal worldview."

I would not have thought that "science" would be restricted to a liberal worldview. But when the science worldview fails, then the Dark Ages return?

"this wasn't a "Christian" movie"

How can you tell?

The only ones really invited to the pre-screenings are Christians.

But ID = creationism has always been religious and this movie doesn't even try to hide that fact.


Yes, "Darwin led to Hitler" is bound to be much more entertaining to Christians than "Martin Luther led to Hitler". But much less historically accurate.

Anonymous said...

"It's going to open big, get bigger"

Well, I think it has flunked that prediction. It opened small and got smaller and now it's almost completely gone away.

And the injunction means that they won't create and DVDs in the immediate future.

"EXPELLED is entertaining."

How can you be entertained when you know it's all a lie?