Sunday, March 09, 2008

Urgent call to New Yorkers to go to Albany Tuesday March 11

Please consider this prayerfully if you live in New York State. Governor Spitzer's RHAPP bill is the most dangerous piece of legislation to come out regarding abortion in recent years, as it has the ability to Roe-proof New York State. In other words, if Roe v Wade is reversed, New York will still have access to abortion, and may even force Catholic hospitals to perform them. If this bill is successful here, it will spread to other states, and reversing Roe v Wade our goal for 35 years, will be rendered pointless. All concerned pro-lifers must stand up to this bullying by Governor Spitzer before he starts a national trend.

Schedule in Albany

10:30am General Assembly, Lewis A. Swyer Theatre, The Egg

11:30-12:30PM Mass in the Convention Center, Edwin Cardinal Egan, main celebrant

Lunch, immediately following

1:00PM Lobbying in the Capitol and Legislative Office Buildings

Return late Afternoon

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