Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Wall Street Journal lists Spitzer's Crimes

I had no idea just how horrible Eliot Spitzer was in other respects, I just knew him as a ruthless pro-abort. I should have known that his obsession with death couldn't have been an isolated charater flaw. The man is diabolical in many aspects of his character, it baffles me why his behavior came as a shock, or why he was able to come accross as pure and a crusader when he tried to shut down all Crisis Pregnancy Centers in New York State as Attorney General.
Thank heavens, this destroys his presidential ambitions.
Oh, and when he resigns, which appears imminent, he may not be able to vote for Hillary at the Democratic Convention; he is a super delegate.
UPDATE: CBS NEWS Spitzer to resign tomorrow.
Read story here.

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