Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AFA calls off Ford Boycott

From the Family Research Council:
After almost three years, our good friends at the American Family Association (AFA) are calling a ceasefire with Ford Motor Company, ending a near three-year boycott that cost the company millions in sales--and even more in consumer goodwill. Based on months of monitoring Ford, AFA Founder Don Wildmon says that the company has made the necessary pro-family concessions. Although AFA's campaign is not solely responsible for the drop in Ford sales over the last two years, it was certainly a contributing factor. Since AFA and 780,000 supporters agreed to boycott, Ford profits dropped an average of eight percent per month. In recent months, Ford upheld its initial agreement which called for it to stop: giving corporate donations to pro-homosexual organizations, promoting activities like gay pride parades, offering incentives to groups that promote civil unions or same-sex "marriage;" and advertising in pro-gay media. While minor issues still exist, Don believes they can be ironed out.
We applaud AFA and all of you who used your dollars to make difference!
THIS is the reason we drive a Chrysler mini van!

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