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California's one two punch for the gay agenda

Here's a Citizen Link video on how the gay agenda is being sold 'under the radar' in public schools. This storybook , "And Tango Makes Three", tells the story of two 'gay' penguins who adopt a chick and have a happy family. Some good parents had this book thrown out of school libraries in Illinois, Missouri and in Virginia, causing the ACLU types to howl censorship. These are the same people who show up with supeonas when a little girl gives a classmate a Christmas card in Kindergarten.
This California pastor is advocating a full scale desertion of the public schools in California because of this:
"California pastor Ron Gleason is calling for parents to remove their children from public school after California lawmakers passed their version of affirmative action -- and he's asking churches to ease the discomfort in the process.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed into law SB 777, making it unlawful to criticize homosexual, bi-sexual, and transsexual teachers. Dr. Ron Gleason, director of the group California Exodus, says the bill goes even further. "Schools are not allowed to say 'mommy' and 'daddy' anymore," Gleason states. "Children will be taught that sexual orientation and gender are merely a matter of personal choice -- and they will be taught to find what is 'right' for them."
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First Punch: force political correctness in public schools in California.
Second Punch: force all parents to send their children to be re-educated.
This is a lesson from the Adolf Hitler playbook. He banned homeschooling in Germany, to have access to German children. Maria Von Trapp documents this in her book, "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers". The Nazia undermined Jesus, and parents, and sought to replace them with idolizing Hitler.Melissa Buskeros' mother was detained and she was put into mental hospital for home educating, since Hitler's law still stands in Germany.
Are you frightened yet? You should be. Read this terrifying parallel between the Nazi plan and Outcome Based Education:
In spite of the information explosion, America hasn't heard the message. Perhaps our leading change agents don't know what their deceptive strategies and dumbed-down curricula will do to our children. Maybe they haven't noticed the similarities between their educational strategies and former Nazi tactics for molding young minds and teaching group conformity. Perhaps today's psychological manipulations are simply a modern expression of human "wisdom" without biblical guidelines. However, it seems clear that U.S. and Nazi change agents share one tragic trait: the dearth of the kind of honesty and integrity that once made America safe for children.
That propaganda and indoctrination were two of the cornerstones of Nazi education is no secret. Hitler's goal was National Socialism, a fascist state that would subdue the world. Learning his lessons from Soviet revolutionaries, he knew that only cloaked promises and misleading visions could win the support of the unsuspecting masses -- and build a compliant army of young radicals. That America's educational and political leaders would stoop to the same low standard has remained hidden from the general public. That their aim is global socialism with cradle-to-grave surveillance is angrily denied by the trained and trusted guardians of our children's minds.

If the sleeping public doesn't wake up and resist soon, it will surely be too late to stop the rising tide of deception that threatens to engulf our children. If so, God's people will once again have demonstrated the blinding consequences of spurning truth and loving lies.
THIS is why homeschooling is under attack in California. They don't care if your children learn to read, write, calculate and think. They merely want to re-educate them in the liberal agenda. It began when I was in elementary school in the 70's coloring "Save the Whale" posters and continues today with little children in first grade being shown inappropriate books about sexual preference and terrifying videos of how the world will end in their lifetimes if they leave the lights on too long. Many public school teachers think themselves the moral and intellectual superiors of their students' parents, no matter how educated the parents are. I know, I was in the lunchroom as a colleague and heard their conversations. Liberals always think their views are righteous, and that conservatives are the great unwashed. THAT's why our children must be forced into re-education.
Think I'm exaggerating? Again, learn from history Goals 2000, re-designed by Hillary Clinton, and Outcome-Based Education where graduation from high school depends on children having proper attitudes, liberal attitudes, not being able to think for themselves.
Sign the petition here to protest the persecution of homeschoolers in California. Inform yourself on what this could mean if this decision stands.
Once, before my daughter Gabbi (now 14) was old enough to homeschool, a tiny paragraph in a HUGE omnibus bill would have required all mothers who homeschool be certified in each subject area they teach. This would have effectively outlawed homeschooling. At a homeschool conference, I met the valiant lady who led the charge to defeat this provision. She was aided by Dr. James Dobson who sounded the alarm on his "Focus on the Family" radio show and the Home School Legal Defense Association who are both active here. I spoke with 2 Congressmen on Long Island at the time, who were astounded at the number of phone calls to the Capitol. We literally shut down the switchboard for days, an unprecedented display of the power the grassroots. Let's do it again, let California know that their values are not our values, nor that of the majority of Americans, and we will fight for the freedom to educate our children in the Christian tradition.

What is wrong California's Catholic governor and his Catholic wife?
Where is California's cardinal?

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Anonymous said...

Why is it a threat to the family if two people of the same gender love each other in all things? Do you know many gay people are in our midst? What is the threat of an innocent story of two penguins?

We are your neighbours, sons, daugthers, brothers, sisters, friends. We are just people, deserving of love as anyone. Christ loves all His children.