Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Governator stands up for homeschoolers in California

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has voiced his opposition to the State Applellate Court Ruling which effectively outlaws homeschooling in California.
"Every California child deserves a quality education and parents should have the right to decide what's best for their children," the governor said in a prepared statement. "Parents should not be penalized for acting in the best interests of their children's education."
Way to go, Governator!
James Dobson, founder of the Focus on the Family powerhouse Christian publisher, called it "an imperious assault on the rights of parents."
"How dare these judges have the audacity to label tens of thousands of parents criminals – the equivalent of drug dealers or pickpockets – because they want to raise and educate their children according to their deeply held values?" he said.
"The case before them involved one couple – the ruling should have been confined to that one couple, not used to punish an entire class of people, the vast majority of them religious conservatives," he said.

The California Teachers' Union applauds the ruling. What a surprise. They want 166,000 more kids under their control, bringing their state subsidies with them.

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