Monday, March 31, 2008

Dr Dobson tells it straight on Hannity's America

Dr. Dobson, speaking as a private citizen and not as a representative of Focus on the Family, as he always does when discussing political candidates, added that he “has problems” with all three major presidential contenders, especially the Democrats.
As for John McCain, Dr. Dobson responded with a question of his own when Hannity said he had received assurances from the Arizona senator that he would keep the pro-life and pro-marriage planks in the GOP’s party platform.
“Did he give you a commitment about embryonic stem-cell research?” Dr. Dobson asked.
“We did not get that,” Hannity replied.
“But that's an important one for me,” Dr. Dobson explained. “And you can't really call yourself pro-life if you're in favor of killing those babies.”

Well said, Dr Dobson!

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