Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Holy Father on the Easter Triduum: Love has Triumphed

During a beautiful Easter Vigil Mass last night, I felt a touch of sadness. We celebrate Christ's resurrection in such a wounded world where He and His message of salvation are often rejected and mocked. Certainly my own life could be a much more worthy one. How can Jesus want to save such desperate sinners?
The Holy Father provides the response here.

"Christ, the light of humanity, dispels any shadows in the heart and the spirit and illuminates all men who come into the world," said the Pope. "Together with the lighting of the Easter candle, the great Easter announcement reverberates throughout the Church: Christ has truly risen, death no longer has any power over him. With his death he defeats evil forever and makes man a gift of God's own life."
Thank you, Holy Father, for reminding us that our sins, no matter how terrible are no match for the power of the resurrection.
He is risen
He is risen indeed,
Alleluia, Alleluia.