Sunday, March 16, 2008

Accomplishments of 40 Days for Life

by David Bereit and Fr. Frank Pavone
Today is the final day of this 40 Days for Lifecampaign.
Reports are pouring in from around the country about the amazing miracles God has accomplished in cities conducting 40 Days for Life. We will share a concise summary of these reports with you over the next few days. However, let's take a moment to look at the "bigpicture" of just SOME of the important pro-lifedevelopments that have occurred due to the power of prayer since this campaign began on February 6.
1.) Ohio revoked the license of the facility operated by late-term abortionist Martin Haskell. Even though Haskell cut a deal with the state andthe clinic is still open, this fresh investigation of a notorious abortion operation has been a major sign of encouragement.

2.) Numerous states, including Georgia and Colorado, conducted courageous "personhood"legislative initiatives, recognizing the humanityof every person from the moment of conception.

3.) South Dakota kicked off a new effort to ban abortion, launching a petition drive to collect enough signatures to put the abortion ban on the ballot this November.

4.) Evidence of Planned Parenthood's racist agenda gained widespread media attention over the past few weeks, due to the undercover investigations conducted by a UCLA student magazine editor.

5.) In Kansas, an important hearing date was setto address the 107 criminal charges filed againstPlanned Parenthood by heroic District AttorneyPhill Kline.

6.) In Southfield, Michigan, an abortion center(where 40 Days for Life is being conducted) was exposed for callously disposing the dismembered bodies of aborted babies in a dumpster, an apparent violation of health and environmental regulations -- but more clearly, an indication of the abortion industry's disdain for human life. This shocking revelation made headlines across the Detroit area.

7.) In California, a lawsuit from a former Planned Parenthood Vice President came to light, accusingthe abortion organization of overbilling tax payersby $180 million, and identifying many troubling accounting irregularities at America's largest abortion chain.

8.) One day after 40 Days for Life broadcast thestory about Eileen Smith's daughter who was killed by an abortionist in Massachusetts, that abortionist lost his license, never to practice medicine again in any state.

9.) A multi-year legal battle against Planned Parenthood in Charlottesville, Virginia -- begun after the organization violated numerous zoning laws to open an abortion facility down the road from a local school -- culminated in a decisive court hearing on March 14 that could result in the closure of the abortion facility.

10.) While attorney general of New York, Eliot Spitzer launched a furious investigation of the state's pro-life pregnancy care centers --specifically targeting fall 40 Days for Life leader Chris Slattery -- threatening legal action against them, at the request of NARAL. Then as governor, Spitzer introduced a bill to loosen abortion restrictions and order religious medical centers to violate tenets of faith. But he was caught in a major scandal that forced him to resign in disgrace. The news that led to the end of his political career broke shortly before he was scheduled to speak to his supporters at a conference sponsored by Planned Parenthood --during these 40 days.

Is it mere coincidence that these developments all occurred during the 40 days when you -- and tens of thousands of other people -- were praying and fasting for an end to abortion?Perhaps......But I don't think so :-)
I believe that we are witnessing the beginning ofthe end of abortion, and for everything, God gets all the credit and the glory!
But this IS just a beginning.This work must continue until no more women cry and no more children die.
Today's devotional is by Father Frank Pavone, thenational director of Priests for Life...

DAY 40 INTENTION--------------------------------------------------
Let us keep our eyes fixed on the New Jerusalem,where death will be no more.--------------------------------------------------SCRIPTURE--------------------------------------------------
"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. Therewill be no more death or mourning or crying orpain, for the old order of things has passedaway." He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!"-- Revelation 21:4-5
Every activity we undertake in defense of thesanctity of life is prophetic, inasmuch as itpoints to the day when "death will be no more."Every victory we have when an act of abortion isprevented is prophetic of that day when deathitself will be definitively conquered.Every triumph of grace in this world, wherebysomeone is brought to see the value of life andgiven the strength to welcome it, is a breakinginto our history of that definitive future inwhich the old order of things will have passed,and all things will be made new.As pro-life warriors, we must keep our eyes fixedon heaven, and our hearts secure in the hope thatthe day is coming when all evil will be conquered.It is the future that shapes the present; it isvictory that informs the battle; it is thedestination that determines the journey.Daily, we are called to reflect on heaven.When we weep, we are to think of the day whenevery tear will be wiped away.When we face the destructive power of death, weare to think of the day when death is swallowed upin victory.When we labor against abortion, we are to think ofthe day when we will have the rest and peace ofthe final triumph of life.Heaven is as real as earth, and its joys will beas real as our present sorrows.

Father, you are the God of hope. Your word fillsus with the vision of the world to come, whenevery tear will be wiped away, and death will be no more.Father, how we need that hope, how we are strengthened by that vision! Keep our hearts focused on heaven, and diligent in the labors of earth.As we struggle against the culture of death, root our souls in the assurance of victory. We pray through Christ our Lord

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all youhave done to make this monumental campaign such anamazing success.

Yours for Life,

David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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