Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WABC radio host Jerry Agar Stands up for Life!

I was driving home from a class tonight when I happened upon this riveting conversation about aborting babies who have Down Syndrome. Jerry Agar is a radio host I have never listened to, but I'm a fan now. He so vigorously defended the right to life of unborn children with Down Syndrome, that he had me rushing into the house to hear the rest of the show. I tried to call in, but it was too late. Check out his new blog.
He was referring to the Newsweek column of George Will whose son has Down Sydrome. This column was recommended to me by Senator Brownback, and makes the case rather eloquently that no human being deserves to be the victim of a "search and destroy mission", least of all his loving son, Jon.

What didn't surprise me was a call from a 35 year old man who was planning to have a family with his 32 year old wife, who said he would certainly abort a child who had Down Syndrome, because, " they have depressed intelligence, and I think I owe it to a child to let him have the best shot in life". Nothing Jerry said could convince him that this was a selfish, consumerist perspective where parents decided that, "I deserve the perfect child". What did surprise me was the doctor from Westchester who called in to agree with Jerry, and call this type of attitude profit-driven. He told us to "follow the money trail, and see who is making the recommendations for amniocentesis, and who has ties to the abortion mills". Very interesting, the good doctor is on to something.

Great discussion, Jerry, you've just gained a new loyal listener!

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GrannyGrump said...

Imagine if the ACOG was recommending that all women be screened for fetuses that had a "gay gene" so that babies who would grow up to be homosexual in orientation could be aborted. After all, being gay is a miserable life, right?

Do you think that maybe then the Lefties could see the prejudice and intolerance?

Where does the "celebrate diversity" credo go when the person in question happens to score lower than you on an IQ test? Maybe most members of the ACOG look pretty retarded to Stephen Hawking. Should he be allowed to decide that their dull, inadequate brains are insufficient?