Saturday, January 06, 2007

New York Times Comes Clean on El Salvador Story

After having it's misrepresentation of the facts of the story of the El Salvadorean woman, cleared up last November, the New York Times, after a month of what must have been interesting infighting, er, decisionmaking, has finally come clean and admitted "mistakes were made". Those acquainted with Democratic politikspeak know this is code for "we lied, and we got caught, so let's just spin this to an innocent oversight".
Kudos to Life News who broke the story in November. Steve Ertelt, who is featured in a story in this week's National Catholic Register, is the director of and provides the top 5-6 pro-life news items in a daily or twice a week free email service. It's what I use for many of these posts because it's accurate, concise, and up-to-the-minute. Plus it saves me the effort of finding all this news myself. Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life says, "It gets me the breading pro-life news is a great way to go to a single place and know that the initial information about what is happening is close at hand".
Pro-lifers, stay informed, and armed with the truth the mainstream press supresses, subscribe today.

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