Friday, January 05, 2007

More Pre-natal Tesing Means Fewer Down Syndrome Babies Will Make it to Birth

And this is a good thing, right?
The ACOG gets more anti-life all the time. I know they make money from abortions, but don't they make a lot more from live births?


EVE said...

Imagine having a prenatal test to determine whether or not your baby will develop an attitude in their teenage years or be a fussy eater or sing out of tune. What makes one child more precious than another? What makes one child more deserving of life than another?

If only everyone could accept that ALL of God's creations are GOOD and their purpose is always in Him.

causa nostra laetitiae said...

If that type of pre-natal test were possible, and never say never, I shudder to think how few of us there would be still living.

That's what I said to the nurses who gave me the 'bad news' about Christina's Down Syndrome at birth, "I know this child will never take drugs, go Goth, or shoot up a school. So, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?"