Thursday, January 25, 2007

An Endorsement of Sam Brownback for President

Dear Friend,

When my friend Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas asked me to serve on the Advisory Committee of his campaign for President I eagerly said "Yes."

Since the day he was first elected to Congress in 1994 Sam has been a hero for the unborn and one of the strongest and most consistent supporters of pro-life policies.

He has my unequivocal support. And I urge you to read his important message below and to strongly consider joining me in supporting his campaign.

With best wishes,
Fr. Frank Pavone

Senator Sam Brownback

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I've sent YOU this urgent email message because I was told that just like me you are a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, God-fearing American.

Is that correct?

If it's NOT then you might as well just go ahead and delete this message now.

But if it is true -- if you ARE pro-life and if you DO care about protecting marriage -- then I'm personally asking you to take just 30 more seconds to read the rest of this important email.

Why is it so critical that you read this?

Because I need you to take action today!

You need to act TODAY if you want to have a say in who wins the Republican nomination for President

Even as I type out this message to you the battle for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination is raging in full force.

And if you want YOUR pro-life and YOUR pro-marriage views to be represented in the Republican primary, then it's absolutely crucial that you act today to make sure your voice is heard.

There is no time to waste!

If you blink, the Republican primary campaign will be over before you know it.

I am the most consistent social conservative running for the Republican nomination. I represent your values more effectively than anyone else. I need your help today!

As the only tried-and-true social conservative seeking the Republican Party's nomination, I'm personally asking for your support.

In fact, differing stands on social issues like life and marriage represent the main contrast between the candidates running for the Republican nomination.

And this is where the critical battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party is being waged.

My friend, I don't know about you, but for me the social issues are why I became a Republican in the first place.

Yes, I believe strongly in lower taxes, smaller government, and a strong national defense.

But it's the social issues first and foremost that drive my passion.

Others may talk the talk from time to time.

But I've walked the walk for 10 years in the U.S. Senate and 2 years in the U.S House.
My record on social issues is second to none.

Do you want the Republican Party's presidential nominee to be unequivocally and unashamedly pro-life and pro-traditional marriage? If yes, you need to act today!

If you agree with me on these vital issues...

...if you want the presidential nominee of the Republican Party to be unequivocally and unashamedly pro-life...

...if you want the presidential nominee of the Republican Party to work as hard at protecting marriage as he does at cutting taxes...

...then I'm urgently asking for your help today.

Just imagine if Republicans nominate a presidential candidate who is NOT honestly and faithfully pro-life.

Or if Republicans nominate a presidential candidate who is NOT ready and willing to do whatever it takes to protect traditional marriage.

Ask yourself, would it still be YOUR Republican Party?

Would you have a candidate to vote for in 2008 that you felt good about?

Or would you simply be holding your nose while you voted for the candidate not named Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Right now is your best chance to make a difference.

You have a chance to have a serious impact on who wins the Republican nomination and the presidency.

And I'm personally asking you right now to support my campaign.

You can make sure the Republican nominee is not just an economic and national security conservative, but also a rock-solid, true-believing social conservative!

But to win I need you to stand up and make your voice heard.

Reporters have already been calling me the choice of pro-life Americans and "values voters." But they question whether I can raise the money I need to compete.

They are carefully watching my fundraising to gauge how much support I am receiving.

So please, will you cast your vote for a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage nominee for the Republican Party?

My friend, your chance to make a difference for our values is right now - before it's too late!
May God bless you and our great country.


Sam Brownback
U.S. Senator, Kansas

P.S. If you want the Republican Party's presidential nominee in 2008 to share your pro-life and pro-traditional marriage values then please make a difference today by supporting my campaign for President with an immediate contribution of $25 or more. Many thanks in advance for your generous support!!


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