Friday, January 12, 2007

Designer Genes

This is what happens when sex is divorced from procreation. In this society, women routinely have sex without babies, so now, after years of contracepting, a woman's cycle destroyed,and yet she wants to be a mother. So now, there are babies without sex, and they can't help but become comodified. A product to be manufactured.
When will be understand that parenthood is a privelege, NOT a right? I have friends who can't become biological parents, and it really hurts. They adopted, and are now happy parents. I lost three children to miscarriage, but am fortunate to have three healthy girls, one of whom would not have made the petry dish cut, as she has Down Syndrome. I consider mothering her a privelege, and a blessing, one these women will never know.


Anonymous said...

I am visiting your blog for the first time today and I find it remarkable for the similarities we share! Besides being an outspoken prolifer I too have three daughters (ages 12, 10 and 6) and my youngest, Christina Anne, also has Down Syndrome. I think this fact gave me the courage to speak out more in my profession (medicine), with my family and others about how the culture of death is real and insidious. I lost my job a few years ago because of this and am now about to open my own pro-life, NFP-only practice.

All my daughters give me strength, but Christina Anne is my inspiration. Like your Christina, she too chatters with angels. She has brought me closer to God and I am lucky to be her mom. Her life has immense value

I will be a frequent visitor to your site. Thank you for all you do. Judy M.

causa nostra laetitiae said...

Judy,we DO have so much in common! Aren't our Christinas wonderful?!
I look forward to seeing your posts on my site.
I will publicize your practice for you, let me know when you set it up. I, as a teacher, had a lot of times when I think I lost jobs due to my views as well.God will repay us, many times over.
Some of the prolife websites, like One More Soul that I link to list pro-life practices, and job openings. Check out Cause of our Joy, my other blog about my family life, there's a link in the sidebar, and there's a new post where I link to them.

Anonymous said...

I will check out your other blog. I find this blog so fascinating. I am so grateful to all the Catholic bloggers. I feed my faith reading through my favorites in a way that I couldn't through my parish alone. How you bloggers have the time to do what you do boggles my mind!

My Christina Anne is my shining star. She is in a mainstream first grade and is learning her letters and numbers and how to read. She has several friends and has just joined the Brownie troop at her school.

I have been so saddened these last two weeks to hear about the ACOG's recommendation for prenatal testing to all pregnant women. As a mom of a child with DS, it troubles me to think about how so many of these kids will now never be born. Our state DS group (Conn.)has tried to address this by educating doctors about living with a child with DS, but I don't know how this is proceeding.

The last practice I worked in, just before I left, a woman was told her unborn baby has DS. The doctors, knowing my daughter, never asked me (and I am assuming never told her about me and my daughter) to talk to her. Instead, they referred her for an abortion. In my heart, I still mourn this child.

I am familiar with One more Soul, and once I have completed my training in NFP, will list my practice on the site. I would love to send you more info about my practice. I expect to open in about two months. I will keep you posted. Have a great weekend with those beauties of yours!! Judy M.

causa nostra laetitiae said...

I didn't realize you are so close to LI! Not only will I put you on my blog,I'll refer all my Catholic friends. We live in the abortion capital of the world, here, and your sad story of your former practice not even lettin you speak to that woman expecting a child with DS doesn't surprise me.What a tragedy!
I have been telling health professionals for years they can refer women to me who are expecting a DS child, and no one ever called! That's why I took to blogging, there is complete freedom online to express pro-life views.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! My neighbor is a L & D nurse at the large Catholic hospital here. I told her that when any family comes in and has a baby with DS, to PLEASE call me (if the family agreed of course)and I would be happy to meet them. Do you think I ever heard from her?

Yes, I discovered after reading through your blog (I'm almost done)that you are so close. I'm in the Hartford area. I also learned that you're Italian (me too).

I'll keep you informed about my practice. Are there any pro-life medical practices near you?

I would like to go to the March For Life this year, but it isn't possible. It is definitely something I want to bring my girls to some day. What better education can they get? Judy

Erik said...

My brother has the Down syndrome and his very useful contribution is that he keeps the family together as his 6 brothers and sisters together take care of him> If he weren't there, out family would have been fallen apart or weakened in their contacts. Let nobody tell me that Drown syndrome people are inferior or whatever, they are there to spread their love, which we can learn from them. This is what I agree with you, I don't agree with other opinions you have because they easily lead to condemnation even if you continue loving them. Nobody is perfect and we all are sinners and dependent on God's grace.