Friday, January 12, 2007

How to Escape the Tolerance Trap

Ever get accused of being intolerant? I certainly hope so! It means you have beliefs and you aren't afraid to express them. The classical definition of a liberal is; "I may not agree with your beliefs, but I would give my life to preserve your ability to express them".
How many liberals you know could honestly claim this as their motto?

More often you hear what I heard in a homily by a popular priest who works with youth,
"the only sin is the sin of intolerance". What does this mean? That I condemn the sin while loving the sinner? I agree with that, but that isn't what is usually meant by that statement. Unfortunately, that view, once universally held by the Church, is now out of favor as well. We are considered hateful if we can sin sin, and don't excuse that which is sinful, calling it acceptable, and giving the sinner protected status (ie homosexual marriage). This is actually the opposite of a spiritual act of mercy, admonishing the sinner. Why do we admonish him? Because we are above sin? Certainly not, we do it to save his immortal soul!
The idea in this article is to be elitist about ideas, and egalitarian about people. That is, can sin sin, YET love those who are trapped in it (as we all are, to some degree)and help the sinner to repentance. It's been done for me, and God, willing, I can help others out of the trap of the enemy. Satan's greatest victory is when we deny his existence, and temporarily soothe the troubled soul of the sinner, telling him he's not on the path to damnation.
Think of this the next time you are invited over to have dinner at an unmarried couple's home.
Or asked to attend an invalid second marriage. Take a stand, and risk being called intolerant. Let them know you love them enough to tell them the truth.

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