Thursday, January 18, 2007

Judie Brown's Hard Hitting new Book, "Saving Those Damned Catholics", is Not a Play on Words

"Saving Those Damned Catholics outlines the logic behind the most controversial teachings in the Church today, and exposes the arguments put forth by priests and bishops who clearly do not agree with some of these teachings themselves. Astounding as it may seem, there are reasons why federal funding has become more important than protecting innocent life; why popularity among the most liberal of politicians has trumped Pope Benedict XVI’s call to be good shepherds and, indeed, to be counter-cultural. There are reasons why homosexuals are still in the seminaries; and there are reasons why the vast majority of Catholics use birth control and condone abortion. "says the review.
I think the current crisis in this immoral society, this Culture of Death is due to lack of leadership in the American Catholic Church. If the Church leadership had the strength of the Polish clergy, traitors notwithstanding, abortion would be illegal in this country today, and the disabled elderly would not need to fear for their lives. Families would be intact, and seminaries would be full of dedicated young men. This has been a difficult 40 years in the desert for the Church, but I believe we are turning the corner. The old guard still resists, however, believing in the faded promise of the liberal revolution, like the grizzled old communist professors in Ivy League schools, with ancient busts of Lenin on their desks, still quoting Marx.
May Almighty God have mercy on them. Pray for them.

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