Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pro-Family Advocates Protect the First Amendment

"A legislative fix was offered today that could kill an onerous measure in the Senate that threatens the right of citizens to influence their lawmakers.
It all depends on how the votes line up next week.
The lobbying-reform bill numbered S. 1 contains a provision -- Section 220 -- that would require grassroots organizations and churches to file federal reports on communications that urge people to speak out on public-policy issues."
As I stated in an earlier post, groups like Focus on the Family, and the American Family Asssociation have done much of the Lord's work in Washington, protecting the rights of the family, parents, and the unborn. Now a Democratic Congress wants to wrest power from the people, who like us, contact our Congressmen to voice our opinion on pending legislation. If they have to file federal reports each time they send out alerts, you can be sure that their freedom to launch grassroots campaigns is in jeopardy.

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