Thursday, January 25, 2007

Senator Brownback Keeps His Promise to Me

And to us. He introduced the Fetal Pain Awareness act to the Senate today.
This bill which informs women who are about to abort their unborn child after 20 weeks gestation, that the child will feel intense pain, and offer them the option of anesthetizing the child.
Derrick Jones the acting director of media relations for the National Right to Life Committee, wrote in the National Catholic Register this week, "'Right to know' legislation has provided a significant decrease in the number of abortions because the more women know about the development of their unborn children, the less inclined they are to have the abortion, and the more they seek out life-saving alternatives".
"When looking at the country as a whole, a poll conducted by the Polling Company in April 2006 found that 22% were opposed to abortion except when the mother's life was in danger, or in cases of rape or incest, 16% were opposed to abortion except to save the mother's life, and only 16% were opposed to abortion in all circumstances."

In other words, the incremental approach, while repulsive to pro-lifers on it's face, (how many murders must we accept?) works to save lives.
Americans aren't educated on the facts of abortion, and until they are, they still want to keep at least some abortions legal. While Senator Brownback spoke on Monday, he stated his opposition to all abortions, except when the life of the mother is in danger. Dr.Isajiw from the Catholic Medical Association stood up and corrected him, saying that abortion is never medically necessary, because abortion involves the deliberate killing of the unborn child. Medical procedures such as hysterectomy, and removal of an ectopic pregnancy do, indirectly kill the baby to save the mother's life, but they are NOT abortions. This is what medical ethicists call the principle of double effect. The baby dies as a result of the surgery, but the surgeon has NOT intentionally killed the child. This has always been permissible in the Church. Senator Brownback graciously replied, "well said".
What happens when well-intentioned people leave a life of the mother clause in an abortion ban, is it renders the law useless, as abortionists lie and say that every abortion they perform is 'lifesaving'.
George, the baby killer Tiller uses this defense to kill late term babies. Nearly every woman who has a late term abortion in his notorious Witchita mill, states, "depression" as her medical reason for the abortion, thus fulfilling Kansas law. So far, Tiller has escaped prosecution for this deceptive practice.

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