Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update on the Long Island Catholic Radio Station

My friends and I have officially submitted an application for membership in the
Catholic Radio Association, and for an engineering study on where the signal for a radio station would be located, (somewhere on Eastern Central Long Island).
In two months, when the FCC opens a brief window (five days long!) for applications for the free Non-Commercial Educational FM license, we will submit the completed application, and wait 9 months for an answer on whether we are awarded the license. There will be plenty of novenas going, you can count on that!
If we get it, we have up to four years to get it up and running. Then, the fundraising part comes. We'll need up to $70,000 to rent tower space and buy equipment. The station can actually be run from a properly equipped personal computer!
It's still not too late to see if this is possible in your area. Sharon Minson, the attorney in charge of membership at Catholic Radio Association informed me that Evangelical Protestants own over 1, 700 radio stations in the US, and Catholics own only 120! Pope John Paul II said,
"Radio may well be the most cost-effective means of reaching large numbers of people who. . .will be willing to 'eavesdrop' on Catholic radio stations or programming. . . Radio is an intimate medium which can reach people on the street, in their cars, or in their homes."


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your endeavors.

EVE said...

I applaud your motivation and action! I don't know that I could do it. I find it difficult staying committed to any project though. I wish you well with this and I look forward to hearing how it all works out.